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We offer high quality services on industrial chemicals supplies

Our story


SEVEN B-OIL Srl was founded on the will of partner and founder Giorgio Favotto with the aim of producing and marketing industrial chemicals for the national and international manufacturing industry. The company, right from the start, seeks to valorise and revitalize some business branches belonging to economic realities that, due to bad market conditions, have failed to achieve the expected commercial results.


SEVEN B-OIL has acquired a ten-year know-how of professional information and experience not only by conducting some company branches, but integrating into their own team qualified personnel from the chemistry and pharmaceutical industry.
The solidity and seriousness of the industrial project of SEVEN B-OIL inherited by the founding partner has allowed to promote the right commercial actions in the European and International territory. The slim, but well-established, structsure has immediately gained great attention from the interlocutors of the market in which it operates.
Currently he is able to offer high quality services and supplies of industrial chemicals among the most competitive in Europe. Deep knowledge of market dynamics, supported by appropriate technical expertise, ensures confidence and certainty in business relationships.


In 2016, SEVEN B-OIL integrated the participation of SEVENOIL Srl (a company engaged in the trading and distribution of fuels) in its capital, forming a group of over 11 million Euros of turnover.


SEVEN B-OIL intends to consolidate its corporate assets in 2017, in support of a balanced future growth of the Group with the aim of continuing expansion in global markets.


The SEVEN B-OIL's primary goal is the consolidation of its operations both in terms of turnover and presence in the market, to continue to provide global service to the Industrial Sector. New logistical and commercial investments have been planned with particular attention to the sustainability and traceability of the supplied products.
For SEVEN B-OIL priorities have always been the people's health, work safety and environmental respect.



Our Quality policy

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UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

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Main trade products registered at REACH

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GMP + certification scheme for the production, transport and marketing of feed

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Registration in accordance with Reg.EU 183/85 (Feed Hygiene Standards)